Meet Shilpa

Education & Experience

Shilpa earned her first Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Maryland at College Park, her second Bachelor’s in Health Science with a concentration in Athletic Training from James Madison University, as well as her Master’s Degree in Health Science with a concentration in Dietetics from James Madison University.  After completing her education she gained her experience working in large metropolitan hospitals and specialized in critical care, pediatrics, OB, renal/dialysis, oncology, psychiatry, cardiology and general medicine.  Most recently, Shilpa worked as a Renal Dietitian in local out-patient dialysis facilities. 

As a Renal Dietitian

As a Renal Dietitian, Shilpa worked individually with patients to assess their nutritional needs and educated the patient and their family members in dietary restrictions which complemented the medical care prescribed by the physician.  She collaborated with team members in order to assist making the necessary arrangements for nutritional support (i.e. meals on wheels, intradialytic parenteral nutrition, nutritional supplements) as well as developing care plans for each ESRD patient.  Shilpa initiated and adjusted dosing for renal specific medications as well as recommended dosing adjustments to the physicians for various diabetic medications and statins related to ESRD per clinic protocol.   She actively completed CEU credits to keep abreast of current research and literature in Renal Nutrition and Medicine. 

As a Clinical Dietitian

As a Clinical Dietitian at various hospitals located in Maryland and New Jersey, Shilpa performed nutritional assessments of acute care patients in the Medical & Surgical Intensive Care Units, Oncology Units, Cardiac Telemetry Units, Step-down Telemetry Units, Psychiatric Units, OB Clinics, as well as providing sole dietetic coverage for the entire hospital on designated weekends.  She assessed the daily dietary intakes, planned and implemented medical nutritional therapy to acute and non-acute patients, provided medical nutritional education and counseling for patients and family members, as well as outpatients in the OB clinic, interpreted and extrapolated laboratory data, analyzed for potential drug interactions, and coordinated plans of care with other members of the medical team.  


Non-Clinical Counseling

In addition to Shilpa’s significant clinical experience, she has had a great deal of experience of counseling in a non-clinical setting. For example, Shilpa served as a health and fitness counselor for several years and educated clients on proper food selection and proper exercise techniques, in addition to developing individualized fitness/strength programs for clients of varying needs. She also served as a rehabilitation specialist while in her second bachelors and masters program at James Madison University, where she worked on the direct management and rehabilitation of injuries in orthopedic and special populations, including: geriatrics, pediatrics, and individuals with disabilities. Additionally, she worked with several of the varsity level sports teams to prepare accurate daily medical records of patient treatment and progress and coordinate treatments required for athletes during season and post-season schedules.

Since 2001 she has counseled nearly a thousand patients and has helped motivate them to lead healthier lives. As a mother of 3 children, Shilpa blends her extensive clinical experience with her personal experiences to help her clients lead healthier lives while in the process helping empower them with the knowledge and confidence to make the right choices for their health.